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Ceramin India is a regional leader in providing total mineral solutions across industry verticals like oil & gas, glass, construction, steel, cement and fertilizer, etc. It is a multinational company that has been exporting the raw materials needed for ceramic industry, building materials industry, steel industry, cement industry, fertilizer industry, etc to market in India, Middle East, Asia, and Europe, all over the world.


Ceramin India owns sodium and potassium feldspar processing plants in Thailand, UAE and India. Ceramin India processes high quality Kaolin and Ball Clay in Belitung Island and Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, respectively.In addition, the company has commenced a state of the art Grinding plant of Zirconium Silicate (Opacifier Grade) in January 2009 at Ras Al Khaimah UAE to meet regional demand. The plant produces 13000 Mt/Year of ZIRCOMIN brand. Ceramin India has been mining the ore that is suitable to the application and then processing purified by scientific technology with state-of-the-art facilities. Like this, in order to provide stably and timely with ceramic materials commercialized by various applications according to the needs, they are running the latest production plants in each region.  


Manufacturers around the world are compelled to strive for better quality and cost efficiency to remain competitive. At Ceramin, each member brings with him years of industry- specific experience, in mining, manufacturing, processing and research and development. This enables them to provide the all- essential perspective, important for delivering innovative and practical solutions to customers needs.

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