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Goonvean Ltd is one of the most large-scale enterprises in Europe, owns its own Kaolin mine and factory.

Through a strict supervision superior technology and the modern production equipment, they have a stable supply of superior quality products.

And they specialize in the production and supply to several types of Kaolin used in all industrial Ceramic.


Established in 1931, Goonvean Ltd has remained privately owned by a Cornish family for over 80 years, utilizing the natural resources for the production of quality product.  In 1995 Goonvean purchased additional mine Kaolin and doubled their capacity of mining and production scale, therefore, they have now become one of the largest-scale Kaolin production in Europe. And it is a company that leads the industry on the basis of the quality certification ISO, firstly adopted high intensity magnetic separation technology.


British Kaolin in Goonvean has superior quality than any other Kaolin. Also they supply the large-scale reserves, the latest process production facilities, and a variety of high-quality Kaolin products. They export over 40 products, each carefully designed for a specific demand of the current customer, to more than 30 countries around the world.

From exceptionally fine porcelain kaolin to fast casting sanitary ware kaolin which is excellent in productivity, paper kaolin, pharmaceutical kaolin, the range of kaolin product from Goonvean is very wide and various. That is why products from Goonvean can proactively address the needs of customers around the world and give satisfaction.

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